A FAB Alternative to a Sensory Diet

FAB (Functionally Alert Behavior) STRATEGIES

A FAB Alternative to Sensory Diets


FAB “Functionally Alert Behavior” Strategies provide a practical alternative to the use of a Sensory Diet.  In my work as a full time occupational therapist with my own sensory processing challenges, I created FAB Strategies to quickly develop individualized strategies that improve self-regulation in children with developmental and behavioral challenges.  I have been using FAB Strategies as a pediatric occupational therapist for the past twenty years.  I also share them with parents, teachers, as well as occupational, physical, speech, and mental health therapists.

Organized in four sections labeled A-D FAB Strategies sequentially include environmental adaptations, sensory modulation, positive behavioral support, and physical self-regulation strategies.  Sections A-D guide the types of strategies selected, with at least one strategy from each section included. The strategies can be implemented in any order, but alternating seated with more active strategies usually works best.

In conjunction with the team an occupational, physical, speech, or mental health professional develops an individualized goal and selects the strategies.  The strategies to be used by all team members are checked off and underlined on the FAB Strategies form.  Strategies listed in bold print are marked with an X and underlined for use by trained occupational, physical, and speech therapists. Two blanks are included on the bottom of the FAB Strategies form to allow for additional strategies contributing to goal attainment.

FAB Strategies are useful for quickly developing occupational therapy clinical and school interventions, home programs, strategies for use by teachers and therapists, and as a checklist of strategies that promote self-control in children with development and behavioral challenges.  A blank line is provided at the bottom of the page for parents to sign that they understand and agree with all the adaptive equipment and techniques before they are used.


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  1. I’m very interested in knowing more…could you send out the A-D Feb strategies? Do you have anything published?
    I consult in people’s home for kids with feeding difficulties and something like this would be very useful.

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