Implementing Sensory Strategies in Preschools & Kindergartens

Many excellent discussions debate the best ways to responsibly integrate sensory strategies that help young children. While I don’t have a conclusive answer for this dilemma I have been struggling with this question all of my professional life. The attachments presented in this post describe my FAB Strategies for integrating environmental adaptations, sensory modulation, positive behavioral support, and physical self-regulation strategies in preschool and kindergarten classes.

My hope is to offer an approach for teachers and therapists in the schools to help children both who have and who have not yet been diagnosed with special needs and are having difficulty learning.  The FAB “Functionally Alert Behavior” Preschool & Kindergarten Strategies form can be used by teachers and therapists for children both with and without identified special needs.  It guides home programs, serves as a check list for teachers and therapists of strategies that help children with behavioral and developmental challenges learn, and can be used to guide goal-directed interdisciplinary interventions for children receiving special education services FABPre&KStrategies

I offer small two-day workshops for occupational, speech, physical, and mental health therapists that include direct practice for developing, implementing, and consulting with parents and teachers implementing FAB Strategies (see Schedule of FAB Strategies Workshops Page of this blog). I will be releasing an additional schedule of my 10 larger, one-day workshops in January and March 2014 for teachers, parents, and school therapists.

I have included for teachers, therapists, consultants, and researchers my recently published paper describing my research supported theory of FAB Strategies for preschoolers and kindergarteners.  I am currently conducting research regarding the relationship between children’s behavioral and sensory processing challenges.


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