A Spiritual Perspective on Healing

Since I was a teenager I have felt led to be a healer.  I’ve always sensed a connection between healing, caring, and spirituality.  However, I have also always wrestled with three spiritual questions regarding healing: Why do many innocent and good people suffer, how do I deal with the difficulties I face in healing, and what do I need to convey to clients and students? I don’t have the answer to these questions, but want to offer three poems that guide me in wrestling with these three sequential questions.  The first question came early when I was struggling to find meaning in the life and death of an infant who died in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where I was working.

Intensive Caring

The next question is the meaning of healing in an uncertain and often painful life, answered in this Poem revised and posted my Mother Theresa

Do It Anyway

Finally, I want to share this Marianne Williamson speech that was given by Nelson Mandella, discribing the reality I hope that I, my clients, and all my students realize in themselves

Speech by Marianne Williamson


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