My Book is OUT!

Today is the official release date of my first book FAB Functionally Alert Behavior Strategies.  It is for sale on Amazon and for world wide distribution on Ingram Spark. Twenty years ago I began presenting my treatment curriculum for children and adolescents with complex behavioral strategies. My workshops are primarily for pre-school and kindergarten teachers as well as occupational, speech/language, physical and mental health therapists. During my workshops I’m often asked if I have a book that explains the strategies I teach for youth with complex behavioral challenges. I have been writing it for 10 years but it is officially complete.

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My son called it Dad’s Opus and said it would never be finished, but after 10 years of work my book FAB “Functionally Alert Behavior Strategies: Integrated behavioral, developmental, sensory, mindfulness and massage treatment is officially released for sale. Through a combination of transdisciplinary research and clinical practice I developed effective evidence-based treatments for children and adolescents with complex behavioral challenges. In my full time occupational therapy practice I tried many diverse evidence-based treatments, and adopted those that were practical and actually improved behavior.

The over 30 FAB Strategies are organized into four sections. FAB Strategies include Environmental Adaptation

Chairleg Theraband

 Sensory Modulation

Sand Play



Pressure Touch



Positive Behavior Support

Praxis Comic

and Physical Self-Regulation 


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