Meet Tucker, A Really FAB Turtle

I developed the FAB Turtle Strategy as a simple method for teaching children and adolescents with complex behavioral challenges to avoid aggression. The FAB Turtle Strategy enables kids to anticipate and avoid aggression. It is a modification of the PATHS (Promoting Positive Thinking Strategies) Tucker Turtle Technique used with permission from developer Dr. Greenberg.


It is helpful to use the FAB Turtle Strategy revisions to develop an age appropriate revision of the Tucker Turtle Story  The FAB Turtle Strategy works well with the evidence-based PATHS curriculum (Domitrovich et al., 2013) and mindfulness strategies (Greenburg & Harris, 2012). The FAB Turtle Strategy is included in my new FAB Strategies book FAB Book on Amazon




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Greenberg MT, Harris AR. Nurturing mindfulness in children and youth: Current state of research. Child Development Perspectives. 2012 Jun;6(2):161-6.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve found the turtle analogy helpful for some students. Anything to slow down that automatic and over-learned physical response.

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