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Pagano FAB Strategies, LLC was developed by Dr. John Pagano to assist teachers, parents as well as occupational, physical, speech, and mental health therapists with improving the functional behavior of children, adolescents and young with mental health, developmental, sensory processing, and mental health challenges.

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John Pagano, Ph.D., OTR/L presentsFAB Strategies® workshops internationally for therapists as well as occupational, speech/language, physical, and mental health therapists on improving self-regulation in children, adolescents and adults with complex behavioral, developmental, and sensory processing challenges.  He has over 30 years experience as a pediatric occupational therapist working in NICU, birth-to-three, sensory integration clinic, pre-school, school, group home, and psychiatric hospital settings.  Dr. Pagano is known for his humorous, interactive workshops teaching extensive practical interventions for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum and other complex behavioral and developmental challenges.

Dr. Pagano holds a B. S. degree in Occupational Therapy, M. S., in Special Education, and Ph.D. in Human Development & Family Therapy.  He is certified in Occupational Therapy, Pivotal Response Treatment®, Neuro-Developmental (Bobath) Treatment for children and infants, Early childhood Mental Health, QST® sensory massage for Autism, as well as being an Instructor of Positive Behavioral Support and Movement Based Learning®.   Dr. Pagano conducts clinical research and maintains a full time clinical occupational therapy practice specializing in children and adolescents with complex behavioral, Autism Spectrum, and other developmental challenges.  He is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association School Mental Health Working Group, Vice President of the Connecticut Occupational Therapy Association, and publishes extensively on the practical applications of transdisciplinary research.

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  1. Hi John. I’m sitting here with Terry mirmina talking about you. How are you? Can we plan a get together soon? When are you not working?

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